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A-Team has been putting out visualizers to various tracks and one of them includes Yuna's "Dance Like Nobody’s Watching" (James Reid Remix). With a dope beat and catchy lyrics, A-Team interprets the track through movement. It's a big production for the dance group and all of the members were excited to film the visualizer.

Catch A-Team going over their choreo, style, and personalities in this behind-the-scenes recap video.

They gave major kudos to the production team as it was one of the first times they saw the crew in action. They talk about how the respect between the dancers and the crew is mutual. It's not often that a dance group is added on a label roster, but the A-Team feels the support from the Careless Music team. It was a team effort to make all of it come together.

Check out the full visualizer below!

Cover Photo Credit: A-Team Instagram

The A-Team just released their latest dance cover of Khalid's latest track "New Normal." They shared their thoughts about the song through movement and visuals. You have to see their interpretation on the song which brings out a new light.

The crew is also celebrating their 10 years as a group. They're currently under the Careless Music roster and collaborating with them for unique content.

To celebrate their milestone as one of the best dance crews in the Philippines, they shared some of their favorite moments together. The World Champs continue to rise and take the art to the next level.

1 Skydome - A venue that holds the most memories of their team and where they celebrated dance.

2 The Demo - Their annual concert and the most important performance of the year.

3 HHI - The competition that catapulted them to where we are now.

4 Dim The Lights - The special time they shared together during a vulnerable time.

5 Tour - A small performance that started in SM malls. We eventually found ourselves performing and teaching all around Asia, US and Europe.

6 The Vibe PH - It allowed groups from all over Philippines to share one stage in the name of dance.

7 Choreo Cup - The competition that started it all.

8 Zero Studio - A summer camp that started with 30 people grew to about 300 in a short span of time. We also gave birth to this already legendary studio.

9 Travels - Their bond got stronger during traveling together.

10 Concept Videos & Signing - Signed by Careless

We can't wait to see what else is in store and what the next 10 years will bring.

Cover Photo Credit: A-Team Facebook

May 2021—Careless Music, an independent record label founded by James Reid, announced their newest signed artist group, A-Team on May 8, 202. A-Team is a street dance group composed of the Philippines’ best dancers in this current generation.

Angelica Arda, who co-founded A-Team with her brother, MJ Arda, shared how their group started out, “my brother and I were coaching high school teams, aside from competing in the collegiate level. We spent most of our training just having fun to be honest, then when we started competing internationally and we kept winning. That’s when things changed to how A-Team is now.”

In addition to that, Arda said that she and her brother would often travel overseas to attend dance camps, learning from international choreographers to further improve their craft and passing what they’ve learned to their team. With their leadership, A-Team was crowned the Megacrew Division winner of the 2014 World Hip-Hop Dance Championship—they were the first-ever Filipino team to bring home the gold in that division.

The team’s eclectic use of different street dance styles brings out an air of theatricality in their choreography. Their fluid yet explosive movements are magnified even more by their pinpoint synchronization and exceptional layering of various dance elements. The A-Team is the premiere dance group in the Philippines.

Careless Music is excited to be getting into the world of dance with A-Team as the label believes that dancers deserve to receive the same recognition that music artists are getting. Careless Music CEO, Jeffery Oh, states “[Careless Music] would like to promote dance as a stand-alone performance art and get the recognition that it deserves.”

Angelica Arda shared that Careless Music made them feel that they can trust the label to uplift dance and take it to a whole other level. In addition to that, she also told us the reason that lead them to sign under the label- “Overall, it's really just the positive energy and love that we were fortunate enough to share with Careless, through working on a few projects, that drew us in and ultimately led us to sign with them.” She also expressed her excitement during the private Trade Launch of Careless stating “the group is excited to elevate dance in its truest form in the community and industry with Careless.”

In May 8, 2021, the signing of the 20 members of A-Team under Careless’ Management happened privately in Makati City. The members that are signed under Careless are:

As Careless Music and A-Team share, exchange ideas and work together, both the label and the group hope that the dance community will continue to flourish in the Philippines and enter the dance scene internationally.

Follow A-Team’s social media pages for more updates and announcements:

Instagram: @ateamph
YouTube: ATeamPH

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