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ALAMAT is back with another one! The P-Pop group has dropped "Say You Love Me," the lead track off their upcoming mini-album releasing later this year. The excitement for this new track helped the group trend on Philippines Twitter at #1 with the hashtag #ALAMATSayULoveMe.

The track was composed by Jin Chan and Emmanuel Salen and produced by NEXXFRIDAY. It gives us the familiar ALAMAT smooth R&B sound that we've recently heard in their last singles, but visually we get a more mature look from the group this time around. It looks like a new exciting era for the boys, and we're looking forward to seeing which direction the rest of the mini-album goes.

For now, stream the new track here, and let's take a peep at their video below:

Cover Photo Courtesy of ALAMAT Facebook

ALAMAT is back! One year stronger and hungrier than ever, the 8 member group celebrates their first debut anniversary with their fans through a live stream alongside dropping a comeback song. If you missed the half-hour live stream, don't worry you can check out all the fun below.

As ALAMAT celebrated their achievements the past year, they also were counting down to their latest comeback song, "ABKD." The song is truly inspiring and uplifting, giving you the push to keep pursuing your dreams and chasing after those goals. The proof is in the pudding, as Alamat is an excellent example of what the track conveys in the lyrics. This past year they have continued to strive and push to make their dreams a reality. So if you ever need a pick-me-up or some motivation to keep it going, make sure to stream "ABKD" here.

ALAMAT continues to showcase Filipino heritage through their songs and artistry. In the lyric video below, you can see the breakdown of each member singing and highlighting their respective native tongues. We have Taneo with Ilocano, Valfer with Hiligaynon, Gami and Alas with Bisaya, Jao with Kapampangan, R-Ji with Waray-Waray, Tomas with Bicolano, and Mo with Sambal.

The lyric video is just the beginning of this comeback. The group also teased a dance rehearsal for "ABKD" on Twitter, and they mentioned an official music video is coming soon.

Cover Photo Courtesy of ALAMAT Facebook

Alamat is officially back with a rendition of the hit song "Porque" by Maldita, giving it a new spin and all the justice to this widely popular Chavacano-Tagalog track. In the background, you can hear the string instruments strumming under a lo-fi hip hop beat, which, when fused together, creates such a unique chill vibe.

The music video showcases a more straightforward video treatment which is perfect for the song. The wow factor has to be the choreography, and the vocal delivery spread throughout the group. The performance factor really shines in the video, and we can't wait to see this live on stage.

Check out this trivia fact from Alamat about how they mixed modern dance moves inspired by Michael Jackson and traditional Chavacano de Zamboanga folk dance for the choreography in the video.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alamat Facebook

Alamat is on their way to a new comeback! The P-Pop group is set to release their latest song, "Porque," on October 21st, and they have slowly begun to tease their fans with concept photos and a very short instrumental of the new song. The instrumental and caption look like the music is leaning towards more of a slower tempo love song. Check it out below.

With what we have seen so far from the cover art, it's giving us "Cariñosa" vibes, which adds to our love song prediction. Cariñosa is a Philippine dance of the colonial-era origin from the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dances, where the fan or handkerchief plays an instrumental role as it places the couple in a romance scenario. But with Alamat, you never know what you will get, so this slow-tempo instrumental might just be an intro to a whole other sound.

Also, can we talk about the fashion behind the concept photos? Only a few have come out so far, but from what we have seen that the group continues to stay true to themselves, incorporating Philippine textiles into their wardrobe. Evie Medina of Hapi Habi Wearable Weaves is behind the tops in the series of photos. Hapi Habi Wearable Weaves advocates for incorporating Philippine weaves in daily wear. See Tomas's fit below.

As the comeback creeps in closer, make sure to stay up to date with us here on MYX to see if our love song prediction was correct. Also, remember if you have any P-Pop news stories, let us know by submitting your stories here.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alamat's Twitter

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