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Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth series has been a rite of passage for many of the biggest rappers in the game. If you’re not familiar with the segment, typically the United Kingdom native host invites trending rappers in the game to freestyle on his show. You can watch it on Apple music.

MBNel was recently invited to participate and the rapper definitely put on for Filipinos! If you’re not familiar with MBNel, you can learn more about him here. In his Fire in the Booth visit, the Stockton native does his thing over two instrumentals. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Ez Mil has just dropped the official music video for his second single off of his album “Dalawampu't Dalawang Oo (2200).” The song is an ode to his hometown Olongapo, and its music video is appropriately filmed there. In the music video, the lyricist takes viewers on a trip that showcases the culture and landmarks of his hometown.

An earlier statement regarding the song from Ez Mil reads:

“​It's my own narration of a story filled with struggle. With this song, I hope listeners can feel the angst, and my pride, mixed with orchestral instruments fused with nerve wracking-beats. It's a song about the citizens of Olongapo first and foremost, the bad and the beauty - but it doesn't just stick to one city but can speak to all Filipinos as a whole. I've always been proud of representing my hometown, 2200, so anyone who is proud of their city will definitely feel this."

A statement on the music video’s page details his inspiration behind the visuals:

"Representing twenty-two double-o! Paying homage to his hometown, Olongapo City, Philippines. Here is Ez Mil's narration of a story filled with struggle- feel the angst, and his pride, mixed with orchestral instruments fused with nerve-wracking- beats."

Watch the music video below.

Just Hush and Lo Ki are two of the biggest names in Filipino hip-hop and RnB. The DRP Records labelmates each have their own share of hit records on their resumes and now the duo can add this collaboration to their collections.

“Turn Up” is an RnB banger produced by NEXXFRIDAY and DRP Records that combines both Tagalog and English lyrics making the song a sure crossover smash. Both Hush and Lo Ki easily float over the bouncy beat with catchy flows that will have listeners pressing the repeat button.

Stream the song via YouTube below.

Shanti Dope and Flow G are two hip-hop powerhouses from the Philippines. The rappers each normally release songs that rake in millions of streams, so it’s no surprise that their new collaboration is going viral in the Philippines on YouTube.

“Kamusta,” which translates to “How are you?” in Tagalog is a powerful song that addresses depression and the importance of being there for your friends and family who may be fighting their own demons. The controversial music video tackles depression, anxiety, filming scandals without consent, and much more.

At the end of the music video, a dedication message reads: “This is dedicated for the loved ones we lost and those who continue to battle for their mental health. There's someone who is always willing to listen,” before sharing contact numbers for the National Center of Mental Health.

Two of the biggest names in OPM and Filipino hip-hop, Gloc-9 and Skusta Clee are back with a new song! The two cultural icons, who have connected before on “Karma,” are back once again on the powerful “Kumpisal.”

Gloc-9’s career in the music industry is 25 years strong and we’ve heard the MC touch base on a wide variety of topics throughout his discography, but his latest collaboration is his first song about religion and spirituality.  “Kumpisal” looks into the dynamics of the Catholic sacrament of confession from the perspective of an individual practicing the sacrament.

The music video for the song was shot inside a church and features guest appearances by Shanti Dope, DJ Klumcee, and more. Watch the music video for “Kumpisal” below.

Bawal Clan is a hip hop/design-oriented collective, composed of hip hop artists, vocalists, music producers, DJs, directors, photographers, videographers, and graphic artists. Some of the hip-hop artists have been in the industry for a decade, showcasing a vast range of experience and knowledge of how to make it as a musician. They have all joined forces to make a supergroup of talented artists to make an imprint in today’s music scene, collaborating worldwide with the intention to be heard globally. Completely independent and without association with any major music labels - they are focused to make music that will resonate throughout and outside of the Philippines, and spotlight the talent that is here in the country.

The collective recently released their latest album, “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” When asked about the album, Yung Bawal, the lead producer/engineer of the group, explains: “We had a couple of old songs we wanted to release as an EP, but as we were fixing that, we ended up making new songs. So to me, there isn't one specific theme in terms of the song choices in the album. It was a mix of old songs and new ones that all have their own vibe. I guess you can connect the name of the album in that sense, that each song has its own tale to be told."

He added “I just want to let people hear music that we've been making and it's on them to make their own interpretations on it, based on what resonates or what doesn't. I know not everyone is gonna like everything we make as everyone has their own personal taste. Art is art and is supposed to be open for interpretation, everyone hears and sees things differently.”

Check out “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” below. 

Shanti Dope has a new single and it’s one of his most powerful yet. “Maya” is a youth empowering record that is dedicated to serving as a tribute to the new generation who relentlessly breaks barriers to be who they want to be.

The 21-year-old rapper compares his fellow generation Z and millennial peers to “Maya” – the former national bird of the Philippines because they are determined to soar high and value their freedom. The empowering anthem also references how his generation is liberal and progressive in their own ways, reminding older individuals to support the plight of their younger counterparts and respect their ideology. 

The accompanying music video is just as powerful as the single, featuring scenes of progressive and liberal youth movements and depicting the common everyday lives of Filipino students who also have their own side hustles and interests.

Watch the official music video for “Maya” below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Shanti Dope Instagram

Filipino rap icon Andrew E is a living testament to the saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The King of Tagalog rap’s son Andrew Fordy Espiritu, who goes by the rap moniker 4D,  just dropped his debut music video “Made In L.A.” and has already amassed over 274K views in a month!

4D’s “Made In L.A.” features both Tagalog and English lyrics and was produced and directed by Andrew E himself. The video has since received high praise and the newcomer MC’s sound, style, flow, and cadence have earned him comparisons to his dad. Check out 4D’s music video for “Made In L.A.” below.

The music video, which features a combination of Andrew E’s trademarked sonics mixed with a traditional classic west coast aesthetic, has drawn the attention of many viral reaction videos on YouTube. Check out a few of our favorite fan reaction videos below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of 4D's Instagram

EZ Mil is gearing up for his first-ever Philippines tour. The Olongapo City native’s newest single, "Dalawampu't Dalawang OO (2200)" is an ode to his hometown. With lyrics primarily in Tagalog, the lyricist’s latest track aims to speak to Filipinos as a whole.

“It's my own narration of a story filled with struggle. With this song, I hope listeners can feel the angst, and my pride, mixed with orchestral instruments fused with nerve wracking-beats. It's a song about the citizens of Olongapo first and foremost, the bad and the beauty - but it doesn't just stick to one city but can speak to all Filipinos as a whole. I've always been proud of representing my hometown, 2200, so anyone who is proud of their city will definitely feel this."

"Dalawampu't Dalawang OO (2200)" is the second single off of Ez Mil’s upcoming sophomore release entitled DU4LI7Y, (Duality) which is expected to release this summer. Check out “2200” below!

PLAN B is an up-and-coming hip-hop/rap ensemble, consisting of members from all around the Philippines: Alyas Dom (Metro Manila), DK (Pangasinan), Dyno (Bicol), Gio (Metro Manila), G-Next (Laguna), GOSGE (Cavite), Kaizler (Pangasinan), Kier (Pangasinan), Mateo (Cagayan De Oro), and Skyruz (Misamis Oriental).

The new rap group just released their first single under Sony Records. “Love” is produced by SB19’s PABLO and the track is giving smooth and soulful RnB vibes mixed with the sonic tastemaker’s signature P-Pop sound.

The debut single is packaged with an accompanying music video that has a storyline of two friends fighting for a girl’s attention only to find out she’s already taken. Catch the music video for “Love” below.

Filipino music fans will recognize this sample from a mile away. Bay Area rapper Darrell Medellin flips a Filipino cultural staple in Jeremy Passion’s “Lemonade” for his latest single and music video.

The original “Lemonade” was a cult classic on Tumblr, Myspace, and YouTube and the Union City based MC delivers with an appropriately throwback-Thursday-themed visual that features an all too familiar nostalgic 2000s aesthetic.  While the sample may stem from an RnB classic, D1 delivers his trademarked lyricism while floating over the sped-up West Coast sonic instrumental.

The Cebu City native has worked with Bay Area legends P-Lo and E40 in the past and is gearing up for more releases this 2022. Check out his new music video for “Lemonade Freestyle” produced by The Senses and directed by Kiko below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Darrell Medellin Instagram

Filipinos love their PUBG MOBILE and the video game has responded by giving local fans a new Tagalog rap anthem on its soundtrack. Flict-G leads a star-studded cast of fellow rappers Smugglaz, Skant Vee, Hakob, and A$tro for “Bawal Sumuko,” considered to be PUBG MOBILE’s biggest collaboration of the year.

Familiar fan-favorite PUBG MOBILE characters are brought to life in the music video, which is also cut with Battle Royale scenes. Aesthetically, the creative direction features vibrant blues, pinks, and yellows in honor of the game’s 4th-anniversary celebration.

“Naniniwala ako sa kakayahan ng kabataan, at lahat ng Pilipino (I believe in the ability of the youth, and of all Filipinos, to surmount any obstacles),” said Flict-G. “Iyan ang mensahe ng pakikipaglaban at pag-asa na gusto ko ihayag (That’s the message of the fight and of hope that I want to share.)”

In the Philippines, to pay homage to their popularity amongst regional video game enthusiasts, PUBG MOBILE treated fans to a special surprise. The game released the first-ever Tagalog Voice Pack, featuring Moymoy Palaboy’s Rodfi during the launch of the 1.9 update.

Watch the music video below and stay tuned for more news on local Filipino hip hop.

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