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SB19's latest EP Pagsibol has been charting at the top of the charts. The 6-track EP contains the hits like Mapa and What? Producer Simon Servida based out of Toronto, worked on five out of the six tracks and he takes you into his creative process on his latest vlog. He talks about the entire process of making the song from the demo taps he received from Pablo to executing vocal notes. Take a look behind the production of the melodies and what goes into making a song. Pagsibol was a creative and collaborative process between Simon and the p-pop group. His latest video showcases how he produced Mana, Bazinga, and SLMT!

SB19 has been making their mark on the global scene as they've become the Most Requested Artist of the Year for 2020 on MTV US Friday Livestream and featured on Rolling Stone on Twitch. The group was also nominated for the 2021 MYX Awards and snagged three awards this year including: Artist, Music Video, and Song of the Year! SB19 is taking only one direction and that is to Go Up!

Here are the tracks that Simon talks about in the video above.

Mana: The track talks about aiming high for your dreams but also staying humble. The title is short for "manananggal" which is a Filipino mythical creature that can sever its upper torso from the rest of its body. It's redefined to symbolize humility, "No matter how far we go or how high we reach, our feet will always remain on the ground."

Bazinga: A track that reflects on the "bashing" culture and is for all the doubters and haters who motivate the group to aim high. The sound is a mix of genres like trap-pop, reggaeton, and hip-hop rhythms. It also interconnects with Mana.

SLMT: Another Filipino word that's short for "salamat" (thank you) and a song dedicated to A'TIN, a community of like-minded individuals and fans to whom SB19 is eternally grateful.

Cover Photo Credit: @simonservidamusic

With BTS recently winning International Video of the Year with Dynamite at this year's MYX Awards, the group posted a short message, thanking the ARMYs from the Philippines for their win.

For the "International Music Video of the Year" at the MYX Awards 2021, BTS went up against other well-known singers from overseas, such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles.

BTS has been dominating MYX's "Daily Top 10" with their two latest English-language songs Permission to Dance and Butter topping the charts daily. Permission to Dance sits at No. 1, while Butter claims the No. 2 spot. MYX Daily Top 10 shows the most-requested music videos from the favorite artists of Filipino music fans.

The MYX Awards 2021 took place August 7th with special guests and performances from your favorite artists, hosted by VJ Ai, VJ Samm, and VJ Edward. You've voted and now it's time to see the results! SB19 grabbed three awards this year including: Artist, Music Video, and Song of the Year. Check out the rest of the winners!

Artist of the Year

Song of the Year
Alab - SB19

Music Video of the Year
Alab - SB19, Directed by Julienne Gueco

Mellow Video of the Year
Sa Susunod Na Haban Buhay - Ben&Ben, Directed by Jorel Lising

Rock Video of the Year
Lakas - Coln ft. Dale Jairus, Directed by Vladimer Castañeto

R&B / Hip-Hop Video of the Year
Love - Michael Pacquiao, Directed by Edrex Clyde Sanchez and Nick Hernandez

Collaboration of the Year
Paalam - Moira and Ben&Ben

International Video of the Year
Dynamite - BTS

New Artist of the Year

Global achievement Award
Olivia Rodrigo

Special Achievement Award
Nadine Lustre for Wildest Dream

MYX Awards 2021 Winners

Kumu Music Streamer of the Year
Jex De Castro

Watch the 2021 MYX Awards Performances Below:

SB19 - MAPA (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

Ben&Ben - Upuan (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

BGYO - He's Into Her (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

Kiana V - Better (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

Inigo Pascual - Neverland (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

MAX - Butterflies (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

Leanne and Naara - Anticipation (MYX Awards 2021 Performance):

For more MYX Awards Performances, watch on our MYX Global YouTube Channel here.

Don't forget to vote MYX Awards Artist and Music Video of the Year. Voting ends July 18, 2021 at 11:59pm PHT, and don't miss the big show on August 7, 2021 to see who wins! 

Moira Dela Torre
Moira is nominated for Artist of the Year. She also has 3 more nominees this year: Song of the Year for Paubaya, Mellow Video of the Year for Patawad, and Collaboration of the Year with Ben&Ben for Paalam.

IV of Spades - Ang Pinagmulan
Nominated for Music Video of the Year, the visual feature has three individual sets. One with their drummer, Badjao de Castro watching OG IV of Spades music videos spanning their career. the second visual is guitarist Blaster Silonga facing opposite a crowd, and third visual bassist/vocalist Zild Benitez in a massive aquarium. It's representative of telling their journey as a band.

Nominees in both categories for Artist and Music Video of the Year

Ben&Ben / Sa Susuno Na Habang Buhay
The Sa Susunod Na music video stars one of the most popular love team in the Philippines and real life couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The couple is stuck in a time loop as the video explores the complicated dynamics of their lost and found relationship during a cycle of events.

MNL48 / River
“The concept behind the music video is that we should be in fighting mode when dealing with challenges. It also shows that celebrating small victories isn’t a bad thing and that we should always be ready for the next obstacle in life." - Director, Miko Pelino

Nadine Lustre / White Rabbit ft. Massiah
Catchy this twisty, turny, music video from Nadine's visual album Wildest Dreams. It takes viewers on a journey to explore fantasy and reality.

SB19 - Alab
The video broke the one million view mark barely two days after its release making it one of the most trending in the Philippines. The band shows of their dance skills against various backgrounds, all which is fire!

Chill out and see which songs are up for MYX Awards Mellow Video of the Year. Don't forget to vote for your favorites! Vote every day until July 18, 2021 at 11:59pm PHT, and don't miss the big show on August 7, 2021 to see who wins! 

Balang Araw - Inigo Pascual, Directed by Inigo Pascual
In his own words, Balang Araw is about hope and trust in waiting for the right person. Inigo Pascual describes the song as “simply trusting the process and trust your heart and know that one day that person will come. Balang araw (someday)."

Patawad - Moira Dela Torre, Directed by Niq Ablao
Patawad is part of a 3-part series of the album Malaya. According to Moira, she wanted to portray the different stages of love from the kind of love that fights for love and stays, and one where it's better if they grow apart. Then the video focuses on goodbye and forgiveness.

Sa Susunod Na - Ben&Ben, Directed by Jorel Lising
The Sa Susunod Na music video stars one of the most popular love team in the Philippines and real life couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The couple is stuck in a time loop as the video explores the complicated dynamics of their lost and found relationship during a cycle of events.

Safe Place - Kiana V, Directed by Saint
An 88Rising and Paradise Rising project, Safe Place is Kiana V's message that she's becoming her own artist. The music video was created during the height of the pandemic in the US, “We went into production for Safe Place in November 2019 and...we kind of didn’t know when or how we will release it. So, this whole opportunity with Paradise Rising was a lifesaver for all of us.”

Sasagipin Kita - Darren Espanto, Directed by Jiggy Gregorio
Another song released during the pandemic, Sasagipin Kita dives into people's troubled feelings during that time. The ballad's melancholic tone and touching lyrics becomes a powerful song complete with a band to tie it all together. An extended version of the music video was released that portrayed three individuals' true life experiences in their journey of hardship to finding strength and hope.

Check out the artists who are up for MYX Awards New Artist of the Year. Don't forget to vote for your favorites! Vote every day until July 18, 2021 at 11:59pm PHT, and don't miss the big show on August 7, 2021 to see who wins! 

Maine Mendoza
In 2016, she wrote and interpreted the song, Imagine You and Me, the theme song for a movie of the same name. The instrumental was done by Eat Bulaga co-star Vic Sotto with arrangements by Jimmy Antiporda. In 2018, Mendoza signed with Universal Records and shortly released an album after being signed.

Jun Matthew Brecio know by his artist name, Matthaios is a music producer turned artist. He owns a record label called, Offended By Passion. He started his rapping career by singing a lot of Filipino songs. He has also released a few English rap songs like I Want You Back and No Cap.

Michael Dutchi Libranda
Michael Dutchi Libranda is a rising singer-songwriter who became viral with his hit heartbreak anthem, Binalewala.

Michael Pacquiao
Michael has steadily been gaining traction in the music industry with his original material. One of his earliest tracks Pac-Man was released on his Youtube channel and doubles as an ode to his dad, Manny Pacquiao. Since then, he's also released his first album, Dreams which has a total of 11 tracks.

Miguel Odron
Miguel joined Idol Philippines and made it to the round of the Top-5 contenders in the singing competition. He thinks of himself primarily as a songwriter who just happens to sing. He is signed with Tarsier Records, the same label as Inigo Pascual. His latest release is Lost In Love.

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