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There's so much to look forward to in the next set of episodes of He's Into Her with finding out how the cliffhanger in Season 1 affects the lives of the students at Benison International School, but also we get new music. As more news ramps up for Season 2 of He's Into Her, everyone is getting a sneak peek to the new music ready for the upcoming season. In this new audio sampler, get a glimpse of some of the artists and songs featured throughout Season 2. The teaser shows snippets of Namesless Kids, Trisha Denise, Jon Guelas, and BGYO.

BGYO who did the theme song for the series is back with a new track, "Best Time." Also added to the line up are Nameless Kids with 4 tracks, "Outlaws," "Faded," "Midsummer High," "Til Love Means Love." Trisha Denise sings ballad, "Puwede Ba" while Jon Guelas remakes "Did I Let You Go" for a version specifically for the series. Look out for more artists and music as this is only Part 1 of the audio sampler set to release. Have any guesses on who else will be adding to the season's soundtrack, will we get a DonBelle duet? We'll just have to wait and see.

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P-Pop girl group LITZ has been vacationing in Tagaytay, bonding as a group and showcasing their personalities beyond their personas as performers. They released the first episode of their LITZ Vacay series last week, and we get to see them in a new element.

While on this getaway, the ladies dropped a special performance video of their pre-debut song "Natataranta." We can see them going full out and giving us all the choreo on what seems to be a rooftop deck in this special performance. Check it out below and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more LITZ content.

Cover Photo Courtesy of LITZ Facebook

After a three-month hiatus, P-Pop group 1ST.ONE is back. Their latest single, SHOUT OUT, is here alongside a music video that takes you back into history. Dancing on a battlefield while dressed in Combat Wear to represent valiant soldiers. The dance track is more than simply a catchy banger; it also has a more profound significance.

According to FIRST ONE ENTERTAINMENT, the song SHOUT OUT is an appropriate homage to the Filipino soldiers who fought alongside Korean soldiers during the Korean War. (1950-1953).

"Not everyone is aware, but for a brief historical background, in 1950, about 7,500 combat troops known as the Philippines expeditionary forces to Korea or PEFTOK (The4th most significant force under the United Nations command) were sent to defend South Korea from a communist invasion by North Korea.” -First One Management

Ace, the leader of 1ST.ONE said this when asked about the inspiration behind the Tagalog Lyrics of the track:

“I wrote the lyrics wanting to thank and pay a great tribute to our soldiers. I wrote the songs thinking of how our great soldiers would have felt in the heat of battle. They would have thought or how they would have felt not knowing if they would still get to see their loved ones after the war.

I wanted to write the hopes and dreams of those soldiers who never got their voices, or I think we owe a great deal of gratitude to our soldiers from past and until now. Because without them, we might not be living the lives we have now.”

The music video has now hit over the 1 million views mark only a few days after it has been released. You can now stream SHOUT OUT here.

This week's MYX News Hot List, new episodes weekly at

1. MYX MUSIC: Zephanie Breaks Into The Charts - Idol Philippines' Winner Zephanie Dimaranan just released her self-titled debut album. The 11-track album hit the top of the Itunes Philippines chart.

2. MYX MUSIC: P-pop Alert! VXON Arrives on the Scene - Cornerstone Entertainment's official boy group VXON has finally arrived and they're ready to hype up the stage! Listen to their debut single, "The Beast".

3. MYX ENTERTAINMENT: MCU's Pinay Widow: Yssa Mei Panganiban - Disney+'s "Hawkeye" introduces Sonya, a Pinay Black Widow played by Yssa Mei Panganiban.

4. MYX MUSIC: Ylona Entertains in 2022 - Ylona Garcia has kicked off 2022 with a bang by releasing her latest track, "Entertain Me". The song is also featured on Valorant as it launches its new Pinay character, Agent Neon.

5. MYX COMMUNITY: MYX #OperationOdette Breaks 1M PHP - Our #OperationOdette stretch goal has been made! Ffter the success of the first two-day twitch fundraiser, we decided to put on a house music DJ edition fundraising stream to help us reach an extended goal of 20,000 US dollars.

From all of us here at MYX, Salamat po!

Last week, SB19 continued their reign at the #1 spot on Billboard's "Hot Trending Songs Chart," This past Sunday, they trended again with their Round House Festival performance. With over 250,000 tweets during their live performance, the hashtag #SB19atROUNDFestival shot to the top of the Philippines trending topics. This was SB19's first international festival of 2022, and they absolutely did a fantastic job.

The Youtube Reactors community and many fans are now posting their real-time reactions to the performance. SB19 performed What, Mapa, Bazinga, Go Up, and Tilaluha. Their live vocals were impeccable and strong, along with their choreography and overall stage presence. Check out popular reactor Lydia Lane of the Afterhours Youtube channel and see SB19's set alongside her reaction below.

Cover Photo Courtesy of SB19 Facebook

1ST.ONE is starting 2022 off with a new comeback, and it's looking like they are coming in hot! The group dropped their movie-like comeback trailer for SHOUT OUT right before the new year and has fans excited to see where this action-packed, real-life, history-driven trailer is going to take us.

The group also released a video titled "Legacy" The History Trailer right before dropping their official comeback trailer. The video talks about the history of the Philippines and the Korean war and gives us insight prepping us for the connection to this new era of 1stOne.

A History Lesson from 1ST.ONE:

1950-1953 - Marked the period where initially over 1000 Filipino soldiers were sent to the Korean War in order to help the South Korean forces in battle. (Total of 7,420 soldiers until 1955)

1951 - Then, marked one of the most memorable battles in the Korean war. The Battle of Yultong, wherein 900 Filipino Soldiers braved and helped the south Korean forces defend against 40,000 opposing troops.

Cover Photo Courtesy of 1stOne Facebook

ShowBT Philippines has announced the debut of their new P-Pop girl group Kaia to the world. Since then, they have been slowly revealing the girl group members on the official Kaia socials. The full roster is finally out, and now you can get to know the members below. Say hello to Charlotte, Angela, Sophia, Alexa, Charice, and Joanna of Kaia.








The group's name derives from the Cebuano word "Kinaiya," which is a noun that describes your "inner character." Their logo is inspired by a dragonfly which represents beauty, strength, and underrated appeal. As more news comes from Kaia, make sure to come back to MYX for more updates.

As P-Pop continues to rise in popularity globally, we are beginning to see a new surge of groups debuting and entering the pool of young and fresh talents on the scene. One new group to add to that list is LITZ, who recently made their Pre-Debut with their rendition of James Reid's "NATATARANTA." The LITZ version ups the tempo a bit and adds a little electric pop feel to the track. Check it out below.

The video showcases LITZ's dance training alongside their vocal abilities, and at the end of the video, we are introduced to each member. The members of LITZ are Bianca, Ashtine, Fatima, Heart, and Yumi. Check out a quick behind-the-scenes look at one of their photoshoots below, and make sure to follow their socials and Youtube for more content as the group gets ready to make their official debut.

Cover Photo Courtesy of LITZ Facebook

If you are a P-Pop fan, you know that there have been non-stop releases from your favorite groups these past few months. We've been getting content for days, and more surprises seem to pop up every week. Within the last two weeks, Alamat and SB19 dropped their music videos for "Porque" and "Bazinga," this week, they dropped some special performances to go along with their music videos.

Alamat released a series of behind-the-scenes videos on their Youtube channel, but their raw vocal performance of their rendition of "Porque" is definitely one to listen to.

SB19 released a dance performance video from their action-packed "Bazinga" music video where you can see their full choreography to the infectious and upbeat track. So who's ready to get this dance cover going?

There is so much content coming out of the P-Pop industry, and we are totally here for it. Also, don't forget to submit P-Pop News story ideas to us by using our submissions form here.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alamat Instagarm

SB19 just released their music video for their track "Bazinga," which took us on an action-packed journey! They released a lyric video a few months back, showcasing a video game theme that fits perfectly with the track. These elements were eventually brought into the music video creating a live-action version that keeps you on the edge of your seat with what will happen next. See how many video game and anime references you can spot and look out for some easter eggs as well. Check out the video below.

Speaking of action-packed, SB19 continues to keep busy for the remainder of the year. Their third-anniversary concert is coming up on November 27th and 28th, and here is your chance to win some tickets to the worldwide event on It's simple; just fill out this form below for your chance to win!

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Cover Photo Courtesy of SB19 Youtube

SB19 has a lot to celebrate! Their third anniversary is this month on October 26th, and their anniversary with A'TIN is on November 2nd, so they have decided to culminate this celebration with a full-blown concert! The concert titled "Our Zone" is slated for November 27th and 28th at 5 PM PHT. The two shows will be streaming worldwide on

Each show will have different programs, setlists, and activities. On the official concert website, they state that "this back-to-back celebration with A'TIN, we will be featuring live performances with a band, games, special guests, and a lot of surprises." To top things off, SB19 announced that the official music video for "Bazinga" drops on October 29th! So stay tuned to their socials and MYX for all the updates. For now, at least we have the lyric video!

Tickets to the show will be available at KTX.PH and They have single-day tickets and packaged tickets for you to choose from. Also, here is a chance for you to win some tickets! It's easy; just fill out the form below for your chance to win!

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Alamat is officially back with a rendition of the hit song "Porque" by Maldita, giving it a new spin and all the justice to this widely popular Chavacano-Tagalog track. In the background, you can hear the string instruments strumming under a lo-fi hip hop beat, which, when fused together, creates such a unique chill vibe.

The music video showcases a more straightforward video treatment which is perfect for the song. The wow factor has to be the choreography, and the vocal delivery spread throughout the group. The performance factor really shines in the video, and we can't wait to see this live on stage.

Check out this trivia fact from Alamat about how they mixed modern dance moves inspired by Michael Jackson and traditional Chavacano de Zamboanga folk dance for the choreography in the video.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Alamat Facebook

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