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This week's MYX News Hot List, new episodes weekly at

1. MYX MUSIC: Zephanie Breaks Into The Charts - Idol Philippines' Winner Zephanie Dimaranan just released her self-titled debut album. The 11-track album hit the top of the Itunes Philippines chart.

2. MYX MUSIC: P-pop Alert! VXON Arrives on the Scene - Cornerstone Entertainment's official boy group VXON has finally arrived and they're ready to hype up the stage! Listen to their debut single, "The Beast".

3. MYX ENTERTAINMENT: MCU's Pinay Widow: Yssa Mei Panganiban - Disney+'s "Hawkeye" introduces Sonya, a Pinay Black Widow played by Yssa Mei Panganiban.

4. MYX MUSIC: Ylona Entertains in 2022 - Ylona Garcia has kicked off 2022 with a bang by releasing her latest track, "Entertain Me". The song is also featured on Valorant as it launches its new Pinay character, Agent Neon.

5. MYX COMMUNITY: MYX #OperationOdette Breaks 1M PHP - Our #OperationOdette stretch goal has been made! Ffter the success of the first two-day twitch fundraiser, we decided to put on a house music DJ edition fundraising stream to help us reach an extended goal of 20,000 US dollars.

From all of us here at MYX, Salamat po!

Thank you to everyone who supported Operation Odette! We had such a great turnout during our streaming fundraiser with some fantastic and talented DJs and Artists.

Over 2 days, 25+ hrs of music, 24 DJs, and 1 singer streaming on Twitch, we surpassed our amazing goal of $17,500.00 for the Philippines Typhoon Relief. After the success of the first two-day fundraiser, we decided to put on a House Music Edition fundraising stream to help us reach an extended goal of $21,000.00 which pushed us over the 1 Million PHP donation mark! 100% of proceeds will go to ABS-CBN Foundation International to continue to provide on the ground support to those affected by Typhoon Rai (Odette) around the Philippines.

Thank you once again to everyone who has opened up their hearts to help make this fundraiser beyond successful. If you or your friends and family are still looking to make a contribution, please click on the link below:


This week's MYX News Hot List, new episodes weekly at

1. MYX MUSIC: Thankful For A New SB19 Music Video - P-pop boy group SB19 dropped their latest "SLMT" music video shot in El Nido, Palawan.

2. MYX ENTERTAINMENT: Love at First Stream Scores 6 MMFF Noms - The comeback movie of Cathy Garcia-Molina, "Love at First Stream" celebrated a blue carpet premiere with 6 Metro Manila Film Festival nominations.

3. MYX SPORTS: Asa Miller Skiis Into Winter Games - For the second time, the 21-year old skier Asa Miller will represent the Philippines in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

4. MYX ENTERTAINMENT: Pinoy Stories Shine On "Cleaning Lady" - Fox's new ground-breaking show, "The Cleaning Lady" is bringing Southeast-Asian representation to the forefront both on and off the screen. Ruby Ibarra was also featured on the show's soundtrack!

5. MYX COMMUNITY: MYX Spins Odette Fundraiser - Over two days with 25 plus hours of music of 24 DJs and 1 singer streaming on twitch, "Operation Odette" powered by MYX has surpassed its goal in nearing 1 million pesos in donations. Thanks to everyone who supported this cause!

Donations are still being accepted. For more information, go to

We can't thank everyone enough for the kindness and generosity you all displayed during our first fundraising run last week. We're excited to bring to you another fun few days of good music on Twitch to help continue to raise money and awareness for the victims of Typhoon Rai (Odette). So far, we’ve raised $17,971. Our goal for this event is to reach $21,000 which will equal about 1M PHP and will help thousands of lives and families in the Philippines. Check out the event information below and please help us spread the word on the event.



Join us for a 4-day fundraising charity raid to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. Happening Thursday, January 6th to Sunday, January 9th starting at 2pm PDT / 5pm EST on Twitch. 

For more info and to donate, visit 


1/6 Thursday  

2PM PDT / 5PM EDT @vincemagsino | 

4PM PDT / 7PM EDT @djjojoflores | 

6PM PDT / 9PM EDT @qooleekid | 

8PM PDT / 11PM EDT @vergilmagsino | 

10PM PDT / 1AM EDT @future__unlimited_media | 

1/7 Friday  

2PM PDT / 5PM EDT @marquessamusic | 

4PM PDT / 7PM EDT @ vlln_house_n_techno | 

6PM PDT / 9PM EDT @alvinease | 

8PM PDT / 11PM EDT @jayvi_velasco | 

10PM PDT / 1AM EDT @bigceezey | 

1/8 Saturday  

2PM PDT / 5PM EDT @djala | 

4PM PDT / 7PM EDT @djmicfreak| 

6PM PDT / 9PM EDT @localoptionsmusic | 

8PM PDT / 11PM EDT @djramonvaldez | 

10PM PDT / 1AM EDT @djddouble | 

1/9 Sunday  

2PM PDT / 5PM EDT @ seymo241 | 

4PM PDT / 7PM EDT @djeugeneinfante | 

6PM PDT / 9PM EDT @djofthecliff | 

8PM PDT / 11PM EDT | 

10PM PDT / 1AM EDT @fivefootafunk | 

#HELP4PH #OdettePH 

MYX has set up a Twitch DJ charity fundraiser to raise funds for ABS-CBN Foundation International to help support the Typhoon victims in the Philippines. You can donate directly on Tiltify for "Operation Odette" to help their efforts in providing food, shelter, health items, and more.

Photos of the devastation can be seen below, photo credits: @chloelopezwolff & @camillerdp



Join us for a 2-day fundraising charity raid to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. Happening Tuesday, December 28th and Wednesday, December 29th starting at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST on Twitch.

For more info and to donate, visit


12/28 Tuesday 

11:00a PST / 2:00p EST @milesmedina |

12:00p PST / 3:00p EST @djumami |

1:00p PST / 4:00p EST  @genehov |

2:00p PST / 5:00p EST @djremark |

3:00p PST / 6:00p EST @realdjyoshi |

4:00p PST / 7:00p EST @Frandalaybay |

5:00p PST / 8:00p EST @shortkut |

6:00p PST / 9:00p EST @djicyice |

7:00p PST / 10:00p EST @nicoakablitz |

8:00p PST / 11:00p EST @jaynerio |

9:00p PST / 12:00a EST @djshowtime |

10:00p PST / 1:00a EST @djphlipz |

12/29 Wednesday 

11:00a PST / 2:00p EST @djraydomingo |

12:00p PST / 3:00p EST @dj.miamor |

1:00p PST / 4:00p EST @aemvibez |

2:00p PST / 5:00p EST @zhaldee |

3:00p PST / 6:00p EST @djchrispalacio |

4:00p PST / 7:00p EST @iama_ron |

5:00p PST / 8:00p EST @DJ.FBM |

6:00p PST / 9:00p EST @hedspin |

7:00p PST / 10:00p EST @djneilarmstrong |

8:00p PST / 11:00p  @djeman |

9:00p PST / 12:00a EST @cutso |

10:00p PST / 1:00a EST @djekspoe |

11:00p PST / 2:00a EST @thisisrcade |

Hosted by Fran Boogie 

#HELP4PH #OdettePHReplyForward

Super Typhoon Rai, known as Odette, has recently ravaged parts of the Philippines, leaving people in desperate need of our help. The devastation caused by the typhoon is unfathomable and has hit some of the most vulnerable areas of the Philippines. ABS-CBN Broadcast Journalist Karen Davila shares a video from Kirby Abejaron showing the horrific scenes of the typhoon wreaking havoc in Siargao's newly built sports complex where people were taking shelter.

Other ways to donate:

About ABS-CBN Foundation International:

Service to the Filipino people with the highest standards of excellence, compassion, integrity, and accountability is the heart of ABS-CBN Foundation International (AFI).

AFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Filipino families in the Philippines and around the world. AFI strives to become a major social change partner for the Philippines through multi-sectoral projects and partnerships in areas essential for building brighter future.

AFI serves as the public service arm of The Filipino Channel (TFC) and the umbrella department of all corporate social responsibility activities of one of Asia’s biggest media conglomerate. AFI is a committed advocate of public service and accomplishes its mission through supporting the programs of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. (ALKFI) in the Philippines.

Using the power and reach of media that stimulates creation of critical multi-sectoral partnerships, AFI will continue to rally Filipinos and like-minded individuals to support and fund child care, disaster management, and environment conservation. AFI strongly believes that the three core programs will help realize a bright future for our Kapamilyas that will become the hope for tomorrow.

Cover Photo ABS-CBN

Super Typhoon Rai, known as Odette, left parts of the Philippines to pieces, leaving people in desperate need of basic necessities like power, food, and water. The devastation caused by the typhoon hit some of the most vulnerable areas of the Philippines like Bohol, Siargao, and Cebu.

Actress and artist, Nadine Lustre returned to the island of Siargao to help set up solar panels for locals to charge gadgets like phones, LED lights, and other appliances. Currently, there's still no power on the island and locals have been helping each other rebuild their community.

Nadine recently has been splitting her time between Manila and Siargao and although she was in Manila during the typhoon, she made her way back to help in providing relief. With no timeline yet when electricity will be available for the island, every little bit helps.

MYX has set up a Twitch DJ charity fundraiser on 12/28 and 12/29 to raise funds for ABS-CBN Foundation International to support the victims in the Philippines, you can donate directly here on Tiltify for "Operation Odette" to their efforts in providing food, shelter, health items and more. Stay tuned for more info on the fundraiser along with an announcement for the line up.

Upcoming for Nadine is a new film under Viva Max, Greed. She shows off her acting depth with this darker role in this thriller film with Diego Loyzaga. Check out the teaser below!

Cover Photo Credit: Greenpeace Philippines Twitter

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