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It's finally the weekend so you might be finding something to binge on for the next couple of days. Fall is here so that only means all our favorite fall shows are back. This week, shows like NCIS: Hawai'i, The Cleaning Lady, and Monarch are all on with some of your favorite Fil-Am actors.

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 2 with Vanessa Lachey
"Prisoners' Dilemma" was the second half of the crossover that started with NCIS Season 20 Episode 1. Vanessa Lachey is back as Jane Tennant and her team is ready to take on all the action this season.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Elodie Yung and Martha Millan are back as Thony and Fiona after an intense Season 1 finale of the Fox hit series. Hopefully we'll get answers whether Thony can save her son or if she's headed back to Manila.

Monarch Season 1
If you haven't yet caught up on Monarch, don't worry you're not that far behind. Don't miss Inigo Pascual in his debut American series as Ace Grayson. We can't wait to see how his character development evolves over the season.

Cover Photo Credit: Vanessa Lachey Instagram

One of Netflix's currently trending show is the reality show, Ultimatum: Marry or Move On which is hosted by Fil-Am actress and past VJ Vanessa Lachey with her husband Nick Lachey. The 10-episode series follows 6 participants and their ultimatum to their partners to take the plunge to get married or break up. One of the participants being 23 year-old Fil-Am tech recruiter and influencer, April Melohn. Let's get to know a little more about April and her background.

The show re-pairs the participants with new people to date and do a trial run of married life. The experiment lasts for 3 weeks then they all return to their current partners for another 3 weeks to see if the spark is still alive. Will they decide to tie the knot or pull the plug and move on from each other?

The California native, April Melohn takes her partner, Jake Cunningham along for the ride and gives him the ultimatum. Here's a few things to know about this Filipina.

1. April joins the show to move on to the next milestone in her relationship
After 2 years of dating Jake, April wants to take the next step and get married along with starting a family. Does Jake feel the same and is it the right time for the both of them? Jake wants to travel and have financial stability before settling down, but April believes they'll be able to cross the threshold together. "I just want a ring and I want a baby with you, now," April tells Jake on the show.

2. She calls California home, but since then has moved to Texas
According to Marie Claire magazine, April is a tech recruiter and has relocated to Texas. Being a tech recruiter may be her day job, but she also hustles hard as a model, influencer, and previous pageant winner of Miss Florida Top Model 2014.

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3. April loves to model and collaborate with brands
She's modeled for local brands like FloGown and Earthbound Clothing and loves to network with other models, brands, and people in the industry. April tells Inscriber Magazine, "...I enjoy modeling for all kinds of clothing brands...You meet a lot of amazing models who all share this common hobby, career, and interest with you...photographer who have a variety of different styles of photography so you get to create and shoot different looks."

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4. She is close to her family, especially her grandparents
Although April doesn't share personal details about her family, she is close to her mom and her side of the family. Her grandmother is from Manila and who currently resides in Iowa with April's step-grandfather. April also has 2 half-siblings from her mother's side.

5. April shared that going on the show was a fun and enlightening experience
Yeah, it was sad to see who she thought was her person get along really well with another participant on the show. April shared that watching the show back was tough at times because she saw Jake happy with someone else, but she also gets it. She thought the pairing of Jake and Rae was cute and she was able to form a strong friendship with Colby who showed her around Austin, Texas. He helped bring out the fun and exciting side of April so she's still a winner at the end.

There's only 2 more episodes left in the series so we're close to finding out how her story pans out. In an episode where Jake is reunited with April towards the end of the series, Jake’s mom talks about her love for April and being their family’s “Filipino firecracker,” after April asks her not to speak about his recent trial marriage with cast member Rae.

Catch up now on Netflix to prepare for the finale or wait until all episodes are out and binge all 10 episodes at once! Watch the finale and reunion airing April 13.

Cover Photo Credit: April Melohn Instagram

Che hoo! The CBS franchise series, NCIS: Hawai'i has almost completed their first season and is already renewed for a second. The series stars two Fil-Am actors, Vanessa Lachey and Kian Talan playing the parts of Jane and Alex Tennant. With the current season finale set for May 23rd, viewers will be excited to see both Fil-Am actors again back on-screen for Season 2 during the next run of fall shows.

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Vanessa Lachey plays Jane Tennant who juggles her career with NCIS as Special Agent in Charge (SAC) while navigating through a new family dynamic as a recently divorced parent. Starring alongside her is new Fil-Am newcomer, Kian Talan who plays Alex Tennant, the eldest between the Tennant siblings who's struggle with the changes from his parent's divorce. He has a good head on his shoulders, but doesn't always make good choices.

See how this season ends for Jane and her team and get ready for another season where her and the NCIS crew balance duty to family and country. Catch up on episodes on-demand or on the Paramount+ app and tune in on Mondays on CBS for new episodes!

Cover Photo Credit: NCIS: Hawai'i Instagram

The trailer for NCIS: Hawai'i starring Vanessa Lachey as Jane Tennant is finally here. We don't have to wait much longer for the premiere as we'll get to watch it starting September 20th! Vanessa plays Jane Tennant Special Agent in Charge (SAC) and the first woman in the NCIS franchise to do so.

Along with Yasmine Al-Bustami and Jason Antoon who were casted as series regulars, another Fil-Am Kian Talan is also slated to co-star in the series. He'll play Alex Tennant, the eldest between the two Tennant siblings. Alex is struggling with his parents' divorce and all the changes that come along with that. Talan's character is described as a strong willed, mature teen who's good at his core, but not always make good choices. The New Hampshire native previously appeared on Netflix's Brainchild, Cicada, Homebound, Shadows, La Passion, and Mukbang. NCIS: Hawai'i will be Talan's biggest break yet. He wrote an essay about the experience of auditioning for a Filipino character, here on Backstage.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the series. There'll be action, great backdrops, and teamwork. Vanessa as the leader and SAC which is so refreshing to see and she does it so effortlessly. Who wouldn't want to be on her team?

Jane Tennant is described as being as diplomatic as she is hard-charging both in her career and personal life. She looks to thrive in a male-dominated profession through her confidence in her team and strategy. She’s also a single mother raising her kids while juggling her career with NCIS. She tasked with balancing the duty to both her children and her country. Check it out on CBS on September 20.

Cover Photo Credit: NCIS Hawaii Trailer.

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Adam Jacobs, Behind the Curtain

Adam Jacobs is best known for the title role of Aladdin in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway. He also starred as Marius in the Les Miserables 2006 Broadway Revival, and Simba in Disney's The Lion King on Broadway.

“I am very excited about the ‘Behind the Curtain’ project,” he said. “It has my personal story interwoven with the songs." 

Adam Jacobs for Digital Journal

Jacobs comes from a Filipino-Jewish background which he credits in being able to play varied roles. He grew up in Half Moon Bay, CA and studied at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. In the Disney+ Behind the Curtain special, it looks at Jacobs' career, journey, and live performances.

Cover Photo Credit: Adam Jacobs Instagram

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