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Take a seat and relax as artists showcase original music and take us through the journey of how their songs came to fruition in this intimate open mic setting at the “Golden Arch Cafe” brought to you by McDonald’s


Season 2
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S2 EP07 - Nieman
Nieman, R&B/Pop singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles County, shares his unique blend of...
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S2 EP06 - Jason J
Jason J brings his distinct vocals and unique blend of island reggae and alternative...
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S2 EP05 - Drea Rose
Drea Rose is the sonic declaration of California's laid back and eclectic culture. The...
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S2 EP04 - Orion Song
The Golden Arch Café continues with San Diego-born singer-songwriter Orion Song and his breezy...
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S2 EP03 – Bo Napolean
Island reggae artist, Bo Napolean closes out Grimace's birthday celebration with the sounds of...
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S2 EP02 – Tim Atlas
Grimace's birthday celebration continues with the downtempo R&B and Neo-soul sounds of Oakland-born now...
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S2 EP01 - Jessica Domingo
Seattle native, Jessica Domingo kicks off Grimace's birthday celebration on the premiere of Season...
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S1 EP 08: Albert Posis
Albert Posis graces the Golden Arch Café Stage closing out season 1 with some...
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S1 EP 07: AJ Rafael
AJ Rafael takes center stage at the Golden Arch Café to perform some of...
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S1 EP 06: Jamieboy Pt. 2
Jamieboy heads back to the Golden Arch Café and gives us some exclusive performances...
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S1 EP 05: Kiyomi
Kiyomi takes center stage at the Golden Arch Cafe showcasing some of her most...
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S1 EP 04: Jamieboy
Jamieboy makes his way to the Golden Arch Cafe stage with one of the...
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S1 EP 03: Tiana Kocher
Tiana Kocher is in the building and is hitting the Golden Arch Cafe stage...
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S1 EP 02: Roann
Roann hits the Golden Arch Cafe with a few of her most popular tracks...
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S1 EP 01: Francisco Martin
Golden Arch Cafe Francisco Martin Francisco Martin takes on the

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