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OTWOL Reboot

Set in San Francisco, On The Wings of Love (OTWOL) is the story of Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) and Clark Medina (James Reid) whose “meet-cute” ends disastrously. As her tourist visa expires, Leah is determined to stay in the United States to realize her American Dream and decides to pursue citizenship through marriage. But the only person available is… Clark, a Filipino American who has lived in the country for 11 years and the one person that makes her skin crawl. The two encounter challenges as a fake couple, but, over time, begins to develop fondness and true love for each other.


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S1 Ep 24: The Last Flight
Leah realizes the love’s still there and decides to win Clark back one last...
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S1 Ep 23: The Bittersweet Reunion
Leah ends up being Clark’s ad agent for his new furniture line. The two...
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S1 Ep 22: The Hardest Decision
Leah returns to Manila for her father’s operation. She decides to go back to...
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S1 Ep 21: Life Changing
To save money for Sol’s heart transplant, Leah decides to work in Dubai. She...
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S1 Ep 20: Clark vs. Simon
Clark and Leah fight when Simon offers her a job in Dubai. Leah gets...
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S1 Ep 19: Pain
Gabby goes missing and Rona comes to the rescue. Clark throws a surprise birthday...
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S1 Ep 18: Moment of Truth
Sol meets Rona. Leah spends more time with Simon.
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S1 Ep 17: Acceptance
In search of a possible endorser, Leah puts in extra hours at work. After...
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S1 Ep 16: Hard to Deal
Leah faces her mother for the first time since meeting in San Francisco. It...
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S1 Ep 15: Christmas Wish
Simon makes Leah in charge of a new campaign. Clark and Leah celebrate Christmas....
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S1 Ep 14: Christmas Gift
Christmas is around the corner. Clark and Leah’s wedding planning is off to a...
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S1 Ep 13: Threat
Jigs kidnaps Leah to make amends. Out of rage, he ends up in an...
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S1 Ep 12: Pamamanhikan
While Clark and Leah take a trip to Ilocos to meet her grandparents, she...
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S1 Ep 11: Meet the New Boss
Jigs goes back to the Philippines to try and stop Clark and Leah’s relationship....
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S1 Ep 10: Finally Yours
Tension is high, but Leah finally agrees to take a risk on love. Clark...
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S1 Ep 9: Happy Cleah Day
Clark and Leah explore Manila to rediscover the love and nostalgia of the city....
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S1 Ep 8: Hot Seat
Clark and Leah grow closer together as they prepare for Mr. Tenement 2015. Rona...
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S1 Ep 7: Love Drunk
In hopes of getting to know his son-in-law, Sol invites Clark over for a...
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S1 Ep 6: Welcome Home Clark
A business trip sends Clark back to Manila and destiny brings him back to...
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S1 Ep 5: Fight for Love
It’s starting to feel like home in San Francisco until Clark and Leah get...
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S1 Ep 4: Hold My Hand
To make enough money for her dad’s surgery, Leah grinds extra hard until she...
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S1 Ep 3: Big Heart
Clark and Leah’s relationship blossoms. When Leah thinks she sees her mom, she retraces...
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S1 Ep 2: The Meetup
After months of hard work, Leah’s visa is almost up. Her only choice? To...
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S1 Ep 1: Arrival
Inspired by her mom, Leah goes to the United States to fulfill her own...

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