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As many of you know, James Reid has been spotted in and around LA and Hollywood, sparking rumors that he has moved there permanently. But in a recent statement to CNN Philippines, James mentions that this isn't a permanent move. He will be focusing on his music career this year, and part of that is connecting with industry professionals internationally. James is actually set to head back to the Philippines in April. But since he's been in the states, he's definitely kept busy.

After recently releasing the "Hello 2.0 (Legends Only Remix)" with Korean superstar Jay B of GOT7 and Taiwanese-American hip-hop artist ØZI fans got another extremely exclusive sneak peek to an unreleased song. James recently guested on DJ E-Man's Twitch show "Get it Poppin," and during the live stream, they played a short snippet of "Caught Up in Your Motion," an unreleased track produced by GRAMMY Nominated Producer DJ Flict.

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Because of its exclusivity, DJ-Eman had to throw some drops on top of the song, but nonetheless, fans still got to hear what vibe the track was giving. You can check out the full live stream episode here on DJ E-Mans Twitch channel. No release date has been mentioned for the track but with James concentrating on his music career this year, we're sure more updates are on the way. For now, enjoy the lyric video to Hello 2.0 and stay tuned as the official video releases this week!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Careless Music Instagram


James Reid is the founder of indie record label Careless Music. Making the decision to form his own label and manage himself independently proved worthwhile when his acclaimed album 'Palm Dreams' was featured on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart in 2017. Known as a risk-taker with a decade of experience as an entertainer in the Philippines, James aims to use his platform to empower and grow Philippines' buzzing music industry.

Aside from being an award-winning music artist (MYX Music AwardsMTV EMA), James is well-known for his appearances on television shows and movies, which he has also won several awards for. With a successful career spanning over a decade and millions of streams, video plays, and Instagram followers, James' meteoric rise is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.


Chris “Flict” Aparri is an LA based GRAMMY Nominated/Platium Producer, Songwriter, Artist DJ & Musical Director. He is published with BMG and is currently managed by Nick Ferrer. A lover of all music genres, Flict’s versatility has allowed him to work with everyone from Meghan Trainor and Wiz Khalifa to Sublime w/Rome and Fifth Harmony. It is his youthful “Hit” sound and humble nature that attracts various artists, songwriters, and record labels around the world.

Born in Quezon City in Manila, Philippines, Flict began playing music at the age of 5. Learning any instrument he could get his hands on, he became a true and lifelong student to music. In college, he was a music performance brass major and eventually earned a degree in Recording Arts/Production. His professional career began as a DJ where he developed his distinctive style and love for hip hop that remains a major influence in his sound today.

Thank you to everyone who supported Operation Odette! We had such a great turnout during our streaming fundraiser with some fantastic and talented DJs and Artists.

Over 2 days, 25+ hrs of music, 24 DJs, and 1 singer streaming on Twitch, we surpassed our amazing goal of $17,500.00 for the Philippines Typhoon Relief. After the success of the first two-day fundraiser, we decided to put on a House Music Edition fundraising stream to help us reach an extended goal of $21,000.00 which pushed us over the 1 Million PHP donation mark! 100% of proceeds will go to ABS-CBN Foundation International to continue to provide on the ground support to those affected by Typhoon Rai (Odette) around the Philippines.

Thank you once again to everyone who has opened up their hearts to help make this fundraiser beyond successful. If you or your friends and family are still looking to make a contribution, please click on the link below:


We can't thank everyone enough for the kindness and generosity you all displayed during our first fundraising run last week. We're excited to bring to you another fun few days of good music on Twitch to help continue to raise money and awareness for the victims of Typhoon Rai (Odette). So far, we’ve raised $17,971. Our goal for this event is to reach $21,000 which will equal about 1M PHP and will help thousands of lives and families in the Philippines. Check out the event information below and please help us spread the word on the event.



Join us for a 4-day fundraising charity raid to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. Happening Thursday, January 6th to Sunday, January 9th starting at 2pm PDT / 5pm EST on Twitch. 

For more info and to donate, visit 


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1/9 Sunday  

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#HELP4PH #OdettePH 

SB19's latest EP Pagsibol has been charting at the top of the charts. The 6-track EP contains the hits like Mapa and What? Producer Simon Servida based out of Toronto, worked on five out of the six tracks and he takes you into his creative process on his latest vlog. He talks about the entire process of making the song from the demo taps he received from Pablo to executing vocal notes. Take a look behind the production of the melodies and what goes into making a song. Pagsibol was a creative and collaborative process between Simon and the p-pop group. His latest video showcases how he produced Mana, Bazinga, and SLMT!

SB19 has been making their mark on the global scene as they've become the Most Requested Artist of the Year for 2020 on MTV US Friday Livestream and featured on Rolling Stone on Twitch. The group was also nominated for the 2021 MYX Awards and snagged three awards this year including: Artist, Music Video, and Song of the Year! SB19 is taking only one direction and that is to Go Up!

Here are the tracks that Simon talks about in the video above.

Mana: The track talks about aiming high for your dreams but also staying humble. The title is short for "manananggal" which is a Filipino mythical creature that can sever its upper torso from the rest of its body. It's redefined to symbolize humility, "No matter how far we go or how high we reach, our feet will always remain on the ground."

Bazinga: A track that reflects on the "bashing" culture and is for all the doubters and haters who motivate the group to aim high. The sound is a mix of genres like trap-pop, reggaeton, and hip-hop rhythms. It also interconnects with Mana.

SLMT: Another Filipino word that's short for "salamat" (thank you) and a song dedicated to A'TIN, a community of like-minded individuals and fans to whom SB19 is eternally grateful.

Cover Photo Credit: @simonservidamusic

After having faced difficult times in the past year, James Reid is releasing a track that aims to radiate the feeling of positivity and deep-rooted peace that comes with starting anew, encouraging people to look forward to their journey in the new year. Careless Music will be launching James Reid’s Newest Single “Soda” on all streaming platforms 1/29.

This will be the first song released while he is under new co-management with international management powerhouse, Transparent Arts, started by multi-platinum artists, Far East Movement. Pre-save Soda here, before it's official release date 2/4 9P PST (2/5 in Manila at 1P) on all streaming platforms worldwide.

James will also be returning to MYX to talk to DannieBoi of Wave 89.1FM about the new song and answer a few fan questions. Use the #jamesreidMYX hashtag on Twitter tagging @myxglobal to post your questions. Watch the exclusive interview on

“Soda” is the first track of upcoming singles that lay the foundation for veteran Filipino-Australian pop-R&B artist James Reid’s re-emergence in the music scene. Weaving the heartfelt energy of soul with the playful rhythms of electro funk, “Soda” seamlessly blends these elements together to create an electronically fizzy yet laid-back groove. Fans can stream the song on all digital platforms here:

“Soda” encapsulates the worry-free feeling of embarking on a journey without a care, cruising down the highway with one hand out the car window, wind in your hair. Following the challenging year that was 2020, “Soda” instils a deep-rooted peace that comes with starting anew, encouraging listeners to look forward to their journey in the new year.

James Reid's official fan club, the @reidersofficial, posted a sneak preview of the song on their Instagram:

Check out our most recent interview with James as he sat down with fellow artist and Careless Music Co-Founder KINGwAw (Bret Jackson).

About James Reid:

James Reid is the founder of indie record label Careless Music. Making the decision to form his own label and manage himself independently proved worthwhile when his acclaimed album 'Palm Dreams' was featured on Billboard’s Independent Albumschart in 2017. Known as a risk-taker with a decade of experience as an entertainer in the Philippines, James aims to use his platform to empower and grow Philippines' buzzing music industry.

Aside from being an award-winning music artist (MYX Music Awards, MTV EMA), James is well-known for his appearances on television shows and movies, which he has also won several awards for. With a successful career spanning over a decade and millions of streams, video plays, and Instagram followers, James' meteoric rise is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.

#SARINOTSARI brings Filipino DJs together from all over the world every Sunday in November to raise disaster relief funds for the the typhoons that have devastated the Philippines & effected millions of families. Starting on 11/8, SARI NOT SARI Co-Founders, @nicoakablitz (The Lunch Table myx Host), @cassandreaho, @iamdjkza & @itsdatguyry raised over $3K at the first event for the American Red Cross on Tiltify. Tiltify is the the leading platform creators trust for all of their charity fundraising needs & a top full service fundraising platform made for the socially conscious generation, an exclusive partner for Tik Tok but also used by top platforms like Twitch & YouTube. Charities like Feeding America, Make A Wish & the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are some of the global charities using the innovative platform where users can create their own personal fundraising campaigns for the charities of their choice. Click here to donate to the SARI NOT SARI campaign on Tiltify.

Owned by Amazon, Twitch is the top US based video live streaming service used by 140M+ monthly and 15M+ daily active users, mostly known for video gaming until the quarantine saw more music artists & DJs utilizing the platform. Filipino artists & DJs are amongst Twitch's most active users like producer Illmind, DJ Franzen, DJ Bella Fiasco, SOSUPERSAM, DJ E-Rock & the Snapback LIVE DJs gaining thousands of loyal followers & paying subscribers.

myx is honored to partner with 16 Filipino DJs this weekend for their next events, raising money for the ABS-CBN Foundation on Tiltify. Tune into 16 hours of amazing DJs & good music for a great cause, a @Twitch raid to all of these channels, starting at 9A Sunday 11/15 & continuing on 11/22 & 11/29 with different DJs, also co-hosted on

Below you'll find the list of participating DJs & set times in Pacific Time:

Time DJ Twitch Location IG
9AM DJ Philpz Washington, DC @djphlipz
10AM DJ RichMusic Toronto, Canada @djrichmusic
11AM Jeff Nang London, UK @jeffnangmusic
12PM Mightyrel Orange County, CA @mightyrel
1PM DJ menAce London, UK @djmenace84
2PM DJ PDawg Bay Area, CA @djpdawg3sa
3PM DJ Flecs London, UK @flerasboyyo_flecs
4PM DJ JBird Bay Area, CA @jbirdrocks
5PM DatGuyRy Vancouver, Canada @itsdatguyry
6PM Riyemixx Los Angeles, CA @riyemixx
7PM DJ CaziusClay San Jose, CA @djcaziusclay
8PM DJ Bitesize Daly City, CA @dj_bitesize
9PM Nico Blitz San Francisco, CA @nicoakablitz
10PM DJ Cheeesy Winnetka, CA @jakobmesina
11PM DJ KZA San Diego, CA @iamdjkza
12A DJ Gabe C Los Angeles, CA @goodmorninggabe

Watch below of how the group also made the record-setting impromptu 100+ hour Twitch crawl & how they created the SARI NOT SARI raid to become a fundraiser for the millions of families effected in the Philippines.

You can also donate directly by visiting Over the years, the ABS-CBN Foundation has raised millions of dollars in legacy programs supporting disaster relief & child welfare in the Philippines.

ABOUT ABS-CBN Foundation:

Service to the Filipino people with the highest standards of excellence, compassion, integrity, and accountability is the heart of ABS-CBN Foundation International (AFI).

AFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Filipino families in the Philippines and around the world. AFI strives to become a major social change partner for the Philippines through multi-sectoral projects and partnerships in areas essential for building brighter future.

AFI serves as the public service arm of The Filipino Channel (TFC) and the umbrella department of all corporate social responsibility activities of one of Asia’s biggest media conglomerate. AFI is a committed advocate of public service and accomplishes its mission through supporting the programs of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. (ALKFI) in the Philippines.

Using the power and reach of media that stimulates creation of critical multi-sectoral partnerships, AFI will continue to rally Filipinos and like-minded individuals to support and fund child care, disaster management, and environment conservation. AFI strongly believes that the three core programs will help realize a bright future for our Kapamilyas that will become the hope for tomorrow. Donate now.

The next generation of hip hop and R&B artists is taking over Twitch at Move Forward Fest 2020. The same team that helped discover some of the top names in hip hop is going live with a crazy lineup featuring UMI, Guapdad 4000, Kari Faux, DJ sets, panel discussions, and more.

All streaming this weekend – 10/17 @ 6pm & 10/18 @ 1pm ET on

Watch our hilarious Guapdad 4000 interview below where he talked about his Lola's stories of vampires in the Philippines, how he wore a barong Tagalog to NYC Fashion week & premiered new music on myxCLUSIVES.

Flashback as we rode with GRAMMY nominated Guapdad 4000 to the GRAMMYS below:

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