Get ready, UK. 1MX is headed to London! From Manila, Singapore, Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the record-breaking and sold-out music festival is set to hit the stage at the APPS Court Farm on July 30th! The best and brightest artists are coming together to give you the ultimate music experience.

On the bill for the festival, 1MX is bringing out amazing artists Bamboo, KZ, EZ Mil, Darren Espanto, SAB, Jeremy G, Angela Ken, Jon Guelas, and some UK-based Artists to vibe with all day. The festival will have back-to-back full performances from noon to sundown. Tickets are now available, and there is currently a Promo going on! You can get 50% off general admission tickets until July 5th by purchasing HERE!

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Arthur Miguel is back with a new song! The Philippines-based singer/songwriter’s newest release ‘Huli’ sounds almost tailor-made for marriage receptions. The slow jam is a serenade track written from the perspective of a man reciting his wedding vows. This ballad will definitely have you in your feels!

According to a press release from Arthur’s label, the Tagalog track revolves around what makes relationships extraordinary and magical. Additionally, the song is meant to remind everyone that there will be a person who is willing to endure the ups and downs in life together with them. If you haven’t found that special somebody yet, one day you will find someone that supports you fully and gives you the love you deserve.

Listen to ‘Huli’ below.

Ben&Ben is back with new release Langyang Pag-ibig, which in English translates to "That's just love." The track is an angsty rock anthem that lyrically wades into the messiness of a bad breakup. The song depicts the struggle and anger of someone trying to get their life back together.

“It's the song where we flexed our musicality the most,” says the acclaimed band. “It's three songs in one song, but it still sounds like one song.” This latest track was produced by Ben&Ben and Jean Paul Verona, mixed by Sam Marquez and Verona, and mastered by Leon Zervos.  

“We’ve always wanted to make a song with this vibe, and we think the songwriting in itself begged for it,” shares the chart-topping folk-pop group in a statement. “It helped that Jean Paul and Sam were very familiar with the vibe we were going for and that helped create the general mood and sound we wanted for Langyang Pag-ibig.” 

You can now stream Langyang Pag-ibig here and catch the lyric video below.

Raven is a rising singer-songwriter/producer from the Philippines. After racking up more than 10 million streams with his debut EP Lika Na, the young musician is back with a new single “Hara” that puts a modernized twist on the popular pinoy “harana” style of music. The new song combines different genres, fusing lo-fi elements, hip-hop sonics, and intricate guitar melodies.

“Unlike some of the songs that I’ve written so far, most of which are mere expressions of admiration, this particular track chronicles the experience of wooing someone in hopes of capturing their heart,” he shares. “It’s an expression of sentimental nature, but it also comes from a place of humility on the suitor’s end.”

Listen to Raven’s new song “Hara” below.

Just Hush and Lo Ki are two of the biggest names in Filipino hip-hop and RnB. The DRP Records labelmates each have their own share of hit records on their resumes and now the duo can add this collaboration to their collections.

“Turn Up” is an RnB banger produced by NEXXFRIDAY and DRP Records that combines both Tagalog and English lyrics making the song a sure crossover smash. Both Hush and Lo Ki easily float over the bouncy beat with catchy flows that will have listeners pressing the repeat button.

Stream the song via YouTube below.

Ylona is back with her new single, "Vibin." The mid-tempo track delivers fun and playful lyrics describing the no-pressure feeling of putting a label on a relationship when you first meet someone new, and all you are doing is just vibing out to the experience. Of course, starting new relationships can take some time, but that new discovery stage of getting to know someone and just enjoying their time without the pressures of putting a label on it is described perfectly through this track.

"The track is about meeting someone new and not wanting to feel pressured about defining the relationship-we're just vibing and enjoying every moment as they come."

Ylona mentions that the track is special to her because, sonically and artistically, this is where she wants her music direction to go. If that's the case, we can't wait for more. For now, check out the lyric video to "Vibin" below and stream the song HERE.

Matthaios is best known for his hit singles: “Vibe With Me,” “Catriona,” “I Want You Back,” and more. He is one of the biggest hitmakers in the Philippines, boasting over 950K monthly listeners on Spotify.

The MIDA$ Records act is back with a new single and this one will definitely make you smile. Following his proven formula of catchy and feel-good records, “Ngiti” is a laid-back R&B track that features Alwyn Cruz as a guitarist. The song is accompanied by a lyric video that will help listeners sing along.

Watch the lyric video for “Ngiti” below and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Conver Photo Courtesy of Matthaios Instagram

Claudia has long been one of the artists making waves in the Philippines with her international-ready sound. The singer is back with a new song following up on her latest set of releases.

“Trigger” is a club-ready track produced by Xavi Panlilio that features Claudia speaking about being interested in a new fling. Throughout the song, she repeatedly asks the catchy question in the chorus: “Should I pull the trigger?” – referencing her newfound interest in a potential partner. This single is definitely a vibe and will have you dancing along throughout the track.

“Trigger” has us excited for more releases from Claudia in the future! Listen to “Trigger” below and stay tuned for more music updates here at MYX!

Tarsier Records is back with a new banger! “Hotel Room” is the first-ever collaboration between Markus, Kyle Echarri, and Moophs. The track has a deep RnB vibe, combining soulful lyrics and vocals over a neo-soul beat.

The three artists shared their personal takes on the inspiration behind the song in a press release.

According to Markus: "I wrote “Hotel Room” about a specific time in my life when I was trapped by vices and surrounded by the wrong crowd. Looking back on it, I’m proud of myself for getting out of that hole, and out of it came a pretty alright sounding song. I think it’s the best time to release this song because I’m a responsible father now, and it’s a reminder of who I was, not who I am now.”

Kyle Echarri added his thoughts on the personal record, “It’s my first time releasing something that is this personal - on this level / this kind of emotion, so I’m hoping they understand the lyrics the same way we want to portray it. I feel like releasing this now is not just because Markus and I have been wanting to write a song together for a while now, but because I feel like a lot of people go through these kinds of hard times.”

Last but not least, Moophs discussed his part in producing the record: “This is the first of what is hopefully gonna be a series of songs. Markus wrote a song and sent me a voice note, I produced a beat around it and Kyle penned a second verse and hopped on the track! Their songwriting chemistry together in the studio is magical. Originally, it was all acoustic guitar but Markus really wanted the electric sound layered in and I used those combined with my own experience producing neo-soul tracks to arrive at the final product.”

Check out the lyric video below and stream “Hotel Room” HERE

Zack Tabudlo recently hit the Expo 2020 Dubai main stage in late February with an exciting show that literally lit up the crowd. Zack mentioned in an Instagram post that this show was a dream come true and expressed his love for the amazing fans in Dubai. He chronicled his experience in a Tour Diary that he recently released on his YouTube channel, and you can see all the hard work and technicality that it takes to produce the show. In the video, you can see that Zack has his hands in multiple aspects of the production behind the scenes and not just on stage as a performer. Check out Part 1 of his experience below.

Zack is headed out for a few tour stops in the Philippines this month, and in May, he's headed to the U.S. for some shows. Check out his Instagram for all the U.S. dates, and check out this month's schedule below.

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It's a new month, and we're back with another MYX Spotlight Artist of the month. So for March, let's get familiar with Nieman. Check out his live performance of his latest single, 100 with Jesse Barrera, and stay tuned for his spotlight interview next week.

100 is the newest collaboration from Nieman and Jesse Barrera; this one has an undeniable groove that'll be sure to get you moving. With its tight guitar line that engulfs you from the start, an atmosphere of pure energy, coupled with its crispy vocal production, this song goes 0 to 100 real quick, pun intended. Their new groovy record will definitely set the vibe and mood, suggesting to take the night slow and enjoy the ride. While the world seems to move and operate quicker than ever before, Nieman and Jesse seem to live in a world all their own, where time stands still when with their significant other. So throw out your plans and let the night decide where it wants to go, there's no reason for us to go 100. 

This past year, Jesse Barrera has been on a roll with big collaborations and production credits, and he isn’t slowing down. This isn’t their first collaboration but definitely their grooviest. With growing love from Korea and the Philippines, the two are making the play for big international recognition.

About Nieman:

NIEMAN is an RnB/Pop singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles County. With millions of streams, Nieman's music captures his unique blend of classic RnB storytelling with an Alt-Pop sound. 

His single, "Why Do I Still?", from his second E.P., "Palette," was featured in the top 10 on the Spotify U.S. Viral 50 Charts, making an appearance on In 2018, he released, "Knots," a collaboration EP with his cousin, the Philippines' most streamed artist, Moira Dela Torre. Their title track continues to grow in numbers with over 11.4 million plays and won the Philippines' Awit Award for Best Collaboration. He kicked off this year with groovy new single, “100,” a collaboration with artist and producer, Jesse Barrera, marking the start of a new chapter.  

With a distinct brand both on the stage and off, this Filipino-American artist is making his own lane, challenging the genre on his own terms.

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